About Doulton

Doulton® has been a leader in water filtration since 1826, using ceramic technology to provide families with the cleanest drinking water in their homes.

The Doulton Difference

Research, innovation and dedication to providing the best quality drinking water possible allows people all around the world to enjoy water free from harmful contaminants. Doulton® is trusted by millions of families to provide superior filter water in their homes and outdoors – discover why.


Doulton® ceramic filters provide outstanding filtration of waterborne contaminants whilst ensuring that essential minerals are retained for healthy water with a superior taste.


A Doulton® water filter removes unpleasant tasting contaminants such as chlorine, so you can always enjoy delicious water.


A Doulton® water filter gives you peace of mind that your family is drinking healthy water by targeting unwanted impurities. Taking out 99.99% of harmful bacteria, cysts and particles, a Doulton® water filter lets all of the family enjoy clean, tasty drinking water.


Indoors, outdoors or on-the-go, Doulton® has a solution to suit your lifestyle with a wide range of water filters, treatment cartridges and filter housings. Stay hydrated, energised and refreshed with Doulton® water, wherever you are.

Customer Comments

We love to hear from our customers and are always keen to hear about your experiences to allow us to continuously improve our products and service.