ATC Super Sterasyl (Pack of 2)

70.00 inc. vat

The ceramic shell is filled with granular activated carbon, to give superior flow rates in a gravity filter. Benefits: Removal of particles, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, etc. with additional chlorine and organics removal capabilities and with the addition of heavy metal reduction media to take out toxic lead. Size: 7″ (177mm) long x 2″ (49mm) diameter. 1 1/2″ (38mm) long mount.


Product Attributes

Weight 1.6 kg

Part Number W9121215

Range BSP Long (1 ½” / 38mm) Threaded Mount

Length 7 inches (177mm)

Diameter 2 inches (49mm)

Filter Performance Micro filtration of Bacteria, Cysts, Particles, Chlorine, Organics and Lead.

FRANKE NOT compatible with FRANKE Housings.

System Gravity


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